01. Registration

Onboarding is essential to evaluate your preferences and adjust your feed.


  • Company name
  • Location
  • Industry
  • Title of the person registering
  • Full name and email address.


The data points collected at registration will adjusts each users feed in order of importance, keeping the most relevant deals at the top.


Once your profile is created, it can be changed later on considering your needs.


02. Deal Posting

Create your first deal post within just a couple of minutes


Our deal process will guide you through the necessary steps:

  • Deal type
  • Deal "Visibility" (with or without disclosing company name)
  • Industry
  • Budget
  • General description


Our company will perform a quick check to make sure that the deal complies with our Terms & Conditions as well as regulations.


Once the deal is approved you will receive a notification informing you that the deal is already shared among the members of the network.


03. Deal Matching

You decide with whom you want to connect on your deal


You will decide which connections you want to approve or reject before matching with another member of the network.


All pending connections and messages as well as the deal status will be displayed before the deal is marked as completed.


Once a match is created on a particular deal, both profiles will be visible to each party as well as any public deals shared. You will also receive a notification every time a match posts a new public deal.


04. Connecting

Once the deal is matched, deal completion will take place outside the network.


Our members can chat directly on Dealsnet as soon as a connection is made.


Our platform uses SSL encryption, and all communication is private and end-to-end encrypted thus no one outside of the chat can read them.


It lays with the responsibility of each user how they will conduct the business further. Dealsnet is just helping you connect. You can still accept connections requests until you decide to mark the deal as completed.



After your membership application has been approved, the registration process on Dealsnet is designed to be quick and efficient. Typically, it takes just a few minutes to complete your registration. After that, you can start exploring the platform and its features right away.

Our membership grants you access to a wide range of valuable benefits, including:

  • Full access to the Dealsnet digital platform for business matchmaking and networking; 
  • Access to our database of potential business partners and opportunities.
  • Customized matchmaking recommendations based on your business needs.
  • Participation in networking events, webinars, and workshops.
  • Regular updates on industry trends and opportunities

Any member who is not complying with our terms of conditions will automatically be removed from the network.

Dealsnet is committed to providing a valuable and secure platform for business matchmaking. We are currently in a closed beta phase, offering our services to a select group of businesses. We plan to make our platform accessible to the public in the near future. Stay tuned for announcements and updates on our official launch.

If you have a question that is not addressed in our FAQ section, we are here to help. You can reach us through the "Contact Us" page on our website or by sending an email to support@dealsnet.com