Business Areas That We Cover

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Real Estate

Connect on real estate
transactions across the world.

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Capital Raising & Investing

Meet your financial objectives.

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Products & Services

Expand & diversify your

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Buy, sell or join forces.


Deal Process



You create the deal post



We confirm the deal
before it is shared



You decide with whom to connect

What Our Network Offers

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Intelligent Matchmaking: Our algorithms analyze user profiles, preferences, and industry-specific data to provide tailored recommendations for potential business matches. Avoid unnecessary intermediaries. Say goodbye to endless search results and help to relevant connections that truly matter.

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Verified Profiles: Rest assured that you are connecting with genuine professionals and decision makers. Dealsnet employs a rigorous verification process to maintain a high standard of authenticity and credibility within our community and is invitation-only.

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Exclusive Events and Opportunities: Gain access to exclusive networking events, conferences, and thought leadership sessions. Stay ahead of industry trends, connect with key decision makers, and explore investment opportunities that align with your business objectives.

Secure Business Environment

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Vetting Our Members

  • Invitation-only network.
  • All members are subject to KYC/AML checks to maintain a safe environment.
  • We verify every member and company before granting access.

vetting criteria

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Vetting Our Deals

  • We check every single deal before it is shared on the platform.
  • We make sure every deal belongs to the company creating the deal post.
  • All deals powered by Dealsnet are authorized.

$3M Revenue*

You are eligible as a member for this network if your company has a revenue or liquid assets in excess of USD 3 million. 

*Startups are evaluated case-by-case.

Managerial Position

To become eligeble for our platform you have to be in a managerial position within your business.

Successful Verification

We perform various checks such as KYC and AML to ensure the safety of our business ecosystem.