Find a Buyer

The business value is there but there is not sufficient liquidity, Dealsnet can help you sell a piece of your company.


If you still want to keep a portion of your company but want to become involved also with other projects, you should opt for this option. Deaslnet can help you enter a tender and receive in no time with multiple offers.


Sometimes you just want to move on completely and start a new project that you want to dedicate yourself fully or simply just want to retire. Dealsnet can help you find the end buyer without the increased commission charged by M&A brokers.


Forge a partnership with a peer-company from the same or a different market to reach your projected targets.

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Find a Seller

If you are expanding your business, Dealsnet can help you source your next acquisition.


Avoid waiting for corporate consultants to extend teaser documents in the market, instead reach out by creating a simple deal post and share it directly with decision makers. 


The moment you will receive a connection from any of the members on Dealsnet, you can be sure that it can meet your demands.


All our deals are pre-vetted before they are shared on the platform. You can find great deals that help both parties due to immediate liquidity necessary - a group of companies can put one of their companies up for sale and is ready to close the deal.

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